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Get in loser, we're going running.

fitblrs:why does water cost more than soda
fitblrs:why does a salad cost more than a hamburger
fitblrs:why does fruit cost more than candy
fitblrs:why do vegetables cost more than chips
fitblrs:why do workout clothes cost more than cute shirts
fitblrs:why do sports bras cost more than regular bras
fitblrs:why does spandex cost more than jean shorts
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Bizzy Bee

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve just been super busy with school and a lot of stuff has been going on at home with my family and gf. I have still been keeping track on my fitness goals, however! I even got my sister to get a gym membership so she’s been coming with me. I love motivating other people to be healthier and having the opportunity to watch their progress and attitude toward health and fitness strengthen. It pumps me UPPPPPP! 

— 1 year ago
Workout Log


  • 20 min bike
  • 20 min walking


  • Bicep curls 3x12 20lb
  • Tricep extensions 3x8 15lb
  • Skull crushers 3x12 20lb
  • Bench press 3x12 20lb
  • Chest press 3x12 45lb
  • Seated rowing 3x12 45lb 
— 1 year ago